H&B Lackierwerk in Bersenbrück


Individually adapted to your requirements

The painting or coating process is determined by the technical requirements at hand. Whether or not manual or automatic painting is the appropriate solution, it depends greatly on the expected lot sizes, the surface structure, and the material to be painted. In all cases careful pre-treatment assures optimum painting results.

Supplementary services such as printing, assembly and precise logistics add to our complete spectrum of services. The target of our work is to offer and deliver expert solutions for painting to our customers.

Customised solutions
We always provide our customers with customised solutions for the painting works at hand. We take the technical requirements and the most cost-effective ways into account. These preparation works in the planning phases of a customer enquiry are an essential part of our services.


The basis for a first-class finish lies in careful pretreatment of the surface. These include, for example, cleaning, degreasing and sanding. Thorough pre-treatment is crucial for the adhesion of the paint material and ensures a long-lasting and resistant coating.

Painting and coating.

Careful hand painting is the optimal solution, especially for more complex components. With great attention to detail and craftsmanship, our team will implement your individual requirements precisely. We can also offer you cost- and volume-efficient robotic painting or surface painting that is used in large series.


Our services don't end with painting. We also offer professional assembly services where your painted components are assembled into finished products before packaging. We can assemble your works “inline” or in a separate operation.


Security concepts and logistics: Together with our partners, we develop and implement packaging solutions, security concepts for data exchange as well as effective logistics concepts to ensure the arrival of your freshly painted products.


If you wish, we can provide you with all services from a single source: from injection molding to surface coating and shipping.

Our strategic partner for injection molding:http://www.bogm.de