Quality is our address
We work with the greatest diligence and constantly monitor quality during production and the quality of the finished product as to the basic principles of our quality management system.

Trained employees visually check the coated parts according to individually defined characteristics. Only a 100% conformity with these requirements clears the way for subsequent quality checks. Cross-cut test, coating thickness measurement and gloss check (60° angle) are subsequent checks. We also conduct additional tests in our laboratory.

These include:
  • Long-term climatic tests (constant climate and varying climate)
  • Abrasion test
  • Heat test
  • Measurement of colormetric assessment as to defined colour spectrum
Other components of efficient quality checks include the following factors:
  • Use of the Quipsy CAQ system
  • Continuous advising by our partner DEKRA
  • Customer application - and/or article-specific application of elements of TS 16949
  • Continuous training of employees on the subject of quality

Our company is of course certified as to DIN EN ISO 90001:2008